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Government RegulationsAsset & Equity Corporation is a financial and governmental consulting firm founded in 1987 by William S. Owen, President. Originally organized to provide financial consulting services to governmental agencies for capital projects, the firm has grown into a multi-service lobbying enterprise with offices in Arlington, Virginia and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Asset & Equity Corporation provides expert consulting services for clients, assisting them as they navigate the labyrinth of government regulations, for example, on licensing, public funding sources and related issues for development of property and enterprises. Respected by both sides of the political aisle, A&E has a history of effective legislative advocacy. We provide guidance and creative legislative strategies to assist our clients in reaching their goals.

William S. Owen is a registered lobbyist, former state Senator and Representative, with 12 years experience as a Washington advocate. He is ideally suited to represent clients before the U.S. Congress and government agencies. He works effectively with members of Congress and their staffs and is known to them as a person of integrity, knowledge, and ability.

Our mission at Asset & Equity is effective representation performed in an ethically and morally responsible manner.

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