William S. Owen – Mr. Owen is the President and founding principal of Asset & Equity Corporation (A&E).

A Selection of Current Activities
Consulting ServicesAmong our current clients is an international corporation with facilities in Tennessee and elsewhere in North America, Central America, and Europe. We represent the clients’ interest in achieving tax incentives for the installation of air quality enhancing devices at it’s manufacturing sites.

Another current legislative effort on behalf of a client, is for changes to current military procurement regulations. These changes will improve the process by eliminating a requirement that creates a disadvantage to the manufacturer of medical goods and favors distributors at greater cost to the government/tax payer.

Among A&E’s clients are a corporation based in Powell, Tennessee, and another corporation with offices in Georgia and Tennessee. These clients are producers of medical products. Mr. Owen also represents a Kenyan distributor of AIDS/HIV testing kits in Africa. Another client, located in Tennessee, manufactures a hand-held radiological, chemical, and bacterial detection device.

A&E represents developers of resorts and convention centers in Campbell and Sevier Counties. Asset & Equity Corporation has agreed to consult on community and government relations, and to assist the client in raising both private and public funding for its projects.

LegislatureIn addition to representation before legislative bodies, A&E has been successful in obtaining a voice on commissions for our clients. For example, one of our clients has been placed on the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MEDPAC). This commission advises Congress on Medicare related issues.

Maintaining an active interest in transportation issues, Mr. Owen serves on the East Tennessee Regional Working Group of the Tennessee Department of Transportation.



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